Nursing in the 1920s

Photo of Elizabeth Flemming with a baby at Warren Road Hospital, 1928.
Elizabeth Flemming with a baby at Warren Road Hospital, 1928. With kind permission from Joan Robinson

An advertisement appeared in a daily paper in 1927 requiring girls for training at Warren Road Infirmary. Ellen (Elizabeth) Flemming applied and was accepted, here is her account:


“The first year was hard work, we were up against the rough assistant nurses who ruled the roost but they soon left once it became a training school. We had a small maternity unit of about five beds where I saw my first baby born and I was terrified. The midwife was middle aged and a real Sarah Gamp style! She did not explain anything. She just leered and said, ‘what about getting married nurse?’ Horrible woman and hard as nails. I remember saying ‘No, I am never going to get married’ as I mopped up the dirty sheets in the sluice and wiped my eyes with the corner of my apron. Goodness, what changes then, but what an experience those years provided. It took some doing but turned out some excellent nurses with the character and courage of Florence Nightingale.”

(Extract from Millennium Memories)

Christmas Party & Information Gathering

photo showing 6 ex-employees of St Luke's Hospital
Ex St Luke’s staff reminiscing. Photo by S.Ghanoun 2012

Our Christmas event was hugely successful. A number of ex-St Luke’s employees attended providing us with lots of new information, including two of the original locks from the Spike!




Photo ex-St Luke's staff and SLHHP volunteers at the Christmas Party.
Ex-St Luke’s staff and SLHHP volunteers at the Christmas Party. Photo by S. Ghanoun 2012


There was food and drink, and a small exhibition showcasing our research so far. We all had a wonderful time and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend.




Some quotes from our thank you letters:

“Thank you for a lovely meeting yesterday. I enjoyed the photos etc, and actually met a contemporary even though I didn’t recognise her or her name! It made me feel transported back well over 50 years!”


“It was most kind and generous of you to lay on such an appetising spread and it was a great pleasure to mingle with so many ‘old’ (in every sense of the word!!!!) colleagues from St. Luke’s Hospital days….a real trip down memory lane”