A surprise visit from Spain

The phone rang

” Good afternoon the Spike”.

” Kay, I’m outside. I’ve got a couple here from Spain who say they used to work at the hospital. Will you interview them for the project?”


Staff Fun Run 1971
Staff Fun Run 1971

Mr and Mrs Fariira worked at St Luke’s Hospital in the early 1970’s as cleaners and had fond memories of their time here as their son was born in the maternity unit.

Mr Fariina said, ” I worked in the laboratory and the cancer unit. Mrs Atkins was the main boss. We worked long hours with only one hour break! In the cancer unit, I cleaned and served hot drinks and breakfast to the patients – toast, eggs, bacon, no beans! It was a very good breakfast!”

Mrs Fariina worked on the maternity ward. “The people were very nice” she remembered. I asked about the food, “Yes, they seemed to like the breakfast – the milk was very nice!” she said. “My son was born here. I received a BIG bunch of flowers from the hospital staff,” she smiled. “I stayed 15 days in the maternity because we had no family over here. The main nurse was very friendly.

Harper Ward mid 1970's.
Harper Ward mid 1970’s.

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