Join us for an evening talk

We are very grateful to Marian Powell who will be giving a talk at The Spike on her life as a nurse. Marian started as a cadet nurse before commencing her training at the new Group Preliminary Training School (PTS) at St. Luke’s Hospital in October 1956, after a memorable interview with Matron Coyle!

This promises to be a very enjoyable evening and will include hat folding demonstrations! Entry is free and there will be light refreshments and a collection for the Royal Surrey’s Stereotactic Radiotherapy Campaign.

Do come and join us!


2 thoughts on “Join us for an evening talk”

  1. Hi
    We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your site on 28th May 2016. I was just reading some comments here and have a question.
    There is an article mentioning Sr Coyle who accepted 700 casualties from Dunkirk. Would she be the same person as Matron Coyle, as mentioned later? I take it that the Coyle Hall was also named after her?

  2. Bridget Coyle first came to the hospital as a Ward sister in 1930. She became matron in 1942 and Coyle hall was named after her.

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