Physiotherapy: a poem

Hidden down a corridor
Lies the oft time dreaded door
To exercise and treatment sore,
And deep massage from Shillinglaw,
In the tiny P.M.D.
And in and out the patients go
To cries of “Ouch” and “Help” and “Oh”,
I never asked for Physio!
In the tiny P.M.D.

The staff comprises of six, and two
Doctors Duff Stewart and Curwen who
With Mrs. Shelley know what to do
With patients who form up in a queue
In the clinics in the O.P.D.
Slings, springs and manipulation
Short wave, wax and ionization,
And ultra violet irradiation
Are given in P.M.D.

The patients get an awful fright
When confronted with Miss White
Winding up the traction tight
And pulling necks with all her might
In the tiny P.M.D.
“Where is your pain?”, she sweetly said
To the patient prone upon the bed,
Who quietly wished the doctor dead,
In tiny P.M.D.

At nine o’clock the girls all go
To spread despondency and woe
“A deep breath in, now let it go,
And move your ankles to and fro”,
Say the girls from the P.M.D.
Cannon, Morgan and Dandridge three
Seize blue forms with cries of glee.
“Another one! Who shall he be?”
say the girls from P.M.D.

 – Physiotherapy Department (1962)

2 thoughts on “Physiotherapy: a poem”

  1. Page 3. Harper Ward in the 70s. The young blond Sister is Sister M (Marina??)Tovey. I was a student nurse from Jan 1970 to March 1973. I was a Staff Nurse on Bacon from March 1973 until May 74 . Then at the dizzy age of 22 and 5 months I was made Sister on Bacon, before becaming a Night Sister on the annex. I was Staffing and Sister in Richard Notley’s time! I have my original contracts of employment with pay and rate of deduction for board and lodging if you would like copies? I also have one of the original posters of “We’re building a new hospital” Me and two fellow student nurses sitting in the bucket of a dumper truck…….in full uniform, including starched white aprons!!!!

    1. Dear Barbara,
      I apologise if Elizabeth Lloyd has already replied, but I am just going through our mailbox and cannot see if a reply has been sent from the website address!

      I would very much like to have copies of your documentation and any images for our archive, plus any written memories that you have from your days at St Luke’s.

      I am more reliably reached on my other email and look forward to hearing from you soon.
      With kind regards
      Research Volunteer

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