‘Workhouse – segregated lives exhibition’

Don’t forget to visit the ‘Workhouse – Segregated Lives‘ exhibition at the Florence Nightingale Museum! They are showcasing some items from the Spike Heritage Centre, Guildford including the stone breaking goggles as featured in the Guardian!

Dates: 28th February – 5th July 2013

Key dates:

Thursday 14th March – Dissecting the Workhouse Dead
Historian Ruth Richardson will explain the terrible fear of the pauper funeral, its historical roots, and its long shadow into our own times.

Thursday 24th April – Contagion in the Workhouse
Historian Andrea Tanner examines how workhouses cared for the unfortunate victims of infectious diseases that raged through the streets of Victorian London.

Thursday 9th May – ‘Down and Out’: The Lives of Tramps and Vagrants (1750 – 1950)
Simon Fowler will look at the experiences of vagrants and the attempts to help or hinder them in the bleak casual wards of the workhouses.


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